The Economic College of the University of Narxoz

About College

Economic College of New economic University named after Turar Ryskulov was founded in 2002. The College has taken a worthy place in the market of educational services successfully passed the state certification in 2013.

The General objective of the College to prepare qualified specialists, competitive on the labor market, competent, responsible, fluent in their profession and able to navigate in related fields of activity, capable to effective work at the level of world standards, ready to constant professional growth, social and professional mobility.

The General objective of the College is to improve the quality of education and teaching process using innovative technologies.

The College has the necessary training, multimedia and computer classrooms, libraries, dormitories and the health service.

The College introduced a new sports court, gym, contributing to the development and strengthening of healthy lifestyle of students.

Along with high-quality professional education in the College can obtain deep knowledge and skills in the field of computer technology and language learning, using interactive and innovative teaching methods.